It's no secret that the pandemic put a lot of people out of work and into scary uncertain situations. In May 2020, my housekeeper told me she was having trouble paying her rent (having lost most of her other jobs) and was going to food banks for groceries. I couldn't sleep at night knowing that Carmen was struggling.

My husband has always been a passionate baker and during the pandemic we were baking for friends and family to keep ourselves busy. Our friends raved about the challah and babkas. The morning after Carmen told me about her situation, I decided we would bake a few batches to sell, giving her the money to help cover rent and necessities. In that moment, Babka Bailout was born.

Throughout that summer, it was a big family effort. My eldest Ariel, 17, took over all the logistics, deliveries and customer service. My youngest, Amelie, 13, learned how to make babka balls and was in charge of braiding the bread. Both of them came up with fun flavors, with Ariel suggesting the Nutella Oreo babka and Amelie our Cereal Milk babka. Both flavors are huge hits with our customers.

I didn’t set out to become a baker. I wanted to help when help was needed, but I have never done anything that feels as right as Babka Bailout. While it has given me the opportunity to offer support to a fellow mom, my entire family has been given the gift of a meaningful endeavor during these challenging times. “Often we set out to make a difference in the lives of others only to discover we have made a difference in our own.”

We have continued our mission to help where and when we can, making donations to Bakers Against Racism and sending money to help families in Honduras, where Carmen is from. 

Babka Bailout will always give back.